Other Titles

Non-Fiction, Academic, and History Titles

True North: Canadian Essays for Composition, Addison-Wesley Longman, 1999 college reader and instructor’s guide

Canoeing Alberta, Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton, Non-fiction, 1985

The Northwest Fort: Fort Edmonton, Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton, History, 1983

Featured Work in Magazines

The Window Seat” (short story) in Avenue Magazine, July 2015

#YEG: Sole to Soul” (essay) in Avenue Magazine, July 2013

Featured Work in Anthologies

“The Cold War” in 40 Below Volume 2: Alberta’s Winter Anthology, edited by Jason Lee Norman, Wufniks Press, 2015

“The Workman’s Friend” in AB Negative: An Anthology of Alberta Crime, edited by Axel Howerton, Coffin Hop Press, 2015

“Getting Away with Murder” in Forms of Writing, eds. Kay L. Stewart, Marian Allen & Shelley Galliah, Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2009

“Call Him Ishmael” in When Boomers Go Bad, The Ladies Killing Circle, 2005

“Edmonton” in The Formac Guide to Alberta and the Rockies, eds. Ken McGoogan, Brian Brennan & Terry Inigo-Jones, Lorimar, four editions: 2001, 2006, 2008, 2010

“When? Why? What? Where? Answers to Questions Inevitably Asked” in The Spirit of Writing: Classic and Contemporary Essays Celebrating the Writing Life, edited by Mark Waldman, Tarcher/Putnam, 2001

“Starting Over” in Wrestling with the Angel: Women Reclaiming Their Lives, eds. Caterina Edwards & Kay Stewart, Red Deer Press, 2000

“Parody and Detective Fiction” in Theory and Practice of Classic Detective Fiction, eds. Jerome H. Delamater & Ruth Prigozy, Greenwood Publishing, 1997

Radio, Television, and Stage Work

as writer

LOST IN TRANSLATION, commissioned by Canadian Authors Association, interactive mystery theatre, July 2003

CALL HIM ISHMAEL, Alberta Anthology, CBC Radio, short story, 2000

X MARKS THE SPOT, Alberta Anthology, CBC Radio, short story, 1995

GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER, Canadian Authors Association Tape Series, 1993

A FAIRLY CONVENTIONAL MURDER, Theatre Network, interactive mystery theatre, 1993

BUT SERIOUSLY, FOLKS, Alberta Anthology, CBC Radio, short story, 1984

MAKING TRACKS, Studio North Theatre, music and lyrics for touring musical, 1983

IT’S UP TO YOU, CKUA, three episodes of a series, 1983

NORTHSONG, Studio North Theatre, music and lyrics for touring musical, 1982

GERRY’S LATE and PAGE 204, Behind the Curtain, CKUA, two radio plays, 1982

WITCH?, U of A/ACCESS TV project, half-hour teleplay, 1981

SOLD TO THE LADY WITH THE SAD EYES, U of A Drama Dept., one-act play, 1981

as on-air personality

BOOKED, Detective Fiction Television Talk Show, Access, Court and Book TV, Fall 2005

A TOTAL WRITE OFF, Writing Game Show, Panacea Productions, Spring 2007