Just a little something for summer reflections:

Before the fear of tics and mosquitoes carrying disease and the sun being cancerously ferocious, we were sent out into the summer days in shorts and pop tops and sneakers with no arch supports on bicycles and roller skates, and told to be home in time for dinner.

Before our naïve parents knew of the creeps rubbing up on us on buses and the flashers in the parks and the lewd carnies at the Ex, we were allowed free rein of the city, armed only with an emergency dime for a phone booth.

Before us the summer opened wide and wild and free and anything was worth the price, so we said nothing at home and hid it all to corrode in dark corners of our minds.

Before we even thought of having children of our own, we knew that we would protect them, keep them safe, never let them out of our sight, because we knew what was out there, waiting.