Carpe Diem

Even though I have a couple of manuscripts floating out in maybe land, I can't help myself from playing with microfiction...and here is a mini-paean to summertime, for your reading pleasure.At one time, before the sun got cruel and the winds fierce, we cherished this time of year. We shed our layers and our inhibitions [...]

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Double Oh my!

Lately I have been having fun writing short stories....and I am thrilled to announce that I've been nominated for an Alberta Literary Award for the short short I wrote for EDify Magazine in October! Since I am rarely nominated for anything and the last time I even placed in an Alberta writing contest was 1982, [...]

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Publicity with Panache!

Library Picks Page Mar10 2020 CLICK THAT LINK! ^ I love this thematically planned way of advertising my upcoming mystery writing workshop presentation out at the Sherwood Park Library with Writer-in-Residence, Conni Massing! See my book, tucked in there by two of the greatest of antecedents! I hope loads of people decide to come; it's [...]

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The Litter I See Project  I am so pleased to be part of this project, as of February 24, 2020. I hope you enjoy my entry, a reaction to a photo of detritus sent to me by the amazing coordinator of this vision. While you are there, check out some of the other offerings by Canadian writers we all [...]

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Valentine Overload

I feel as if I should apologize to all the single people out there in North America who are being bombarded with Valentine’s propaganda from every side. It’s not enough that chocolatiers and florists and card shops are advertising – I've even seen a cupid swinging over a display of grapefruit at the grocery store. [...]

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Work in Progress

People have been asking me what I am working on now, and while I am writing a few smaller pieces to appear on cans and in magazines, I am working hard on a stand-alone thriller. Well, I think it's thrilling...however, I live a very quiet life.

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